Maryland is a statewide scam being the propaganda machine for the Aquarium Industry's false claims that marine life or any life is better off in captivity because they will live longer happier lives in a box than free in the wild according to "aquakids" in Baltimore.

Which is also the location of a National scam claiming conservation and education by killing sea life on a regular basis by supporting the same wholesalers that sell sharks to pet stores, the 40 million dollar a year so-called non-profit that does not take in rescues called "living donations" but only your money, our precious National Aquarium, that should be the best this country has to offer to hold the title of "National" But in fact is nothing more than a non-profit scam brain washing everyone into thinking they are something good with the same death rate and suppliers as a common pet store.

One block away at C.O.M.B. the university of Maryland is torturing sharks for drug company (pfizer) research and when they get too big are killed instead of going somewhere else(one block away) after giving their lives to help humans they are just killed because they don't really care about life only money.

Also involved in this cover up and scam is the network Animal Planet in Sliver Springs Maryland, with it's new show "Tanked" which glorifies the killing of marine life with an industry that mixes all the fish together in a central filtration make all the fish sick system and pour high doses of chemicals(not safe for humans or animals) on them so they make it through the sale but die within a few weeks so they can sell more next month because fish, corals and inverts do not have be treated with the same fairness as other pets like cats, dogs, birds, mice, etc.

Fish have no rights!

Many of these so-called reef safe chemicals are hazardous and illegal in most states for humans and animals to come in contact with but because of the loophole that fish do not have rights people are being exposed when they put their arms in their tank but Animal Planet, pet stores and chat forum aquarium clubs support their sponsors in Maryland that recommend this chemical poisoning scam so they can sell more bottles of snake oil to kill more fish and people.

Maybe this is why Maryland has the number one cancer rate in the U.S.

The Baltimore Crows are protecting the wrong trinkets they call "crowned Jewels" that are really killing their own people and pets not to mention all the other animals in their so-called expert care that need replaced on a regular basis which is never enough, the National Aquarium wants to build another 50 million dollar kill for profit machine at America's National Mall with the lucky charm title that gives this nation a bad name thanks to Maryland.

All approved by AZA in Silver Springs Maryland owned by themselves(zoo's & aquariums) with archaic standards paid for by the highest bidder for their self accreditation.


Wait there's more...

Animal Planets friends ATM from "Tanked" are friends with a Reef Central god Jason Fox in Reisterstown Maryland who showed us how he sneaks rare corals back in little water bottles on the airplane from the Philippines so he can grow them out and sell them for $2,000 a frag with Dr. Mac from Pacific east aquaculture on the eastern shore in Maryland as exclusive, signature corals no one else has on the planet because it is illegal to poach corals.

Fish and Wildlife have known about it for years but have done nothing because the corruption runs as deep as the ocean itself.

The state of Maryland fights hard to cover up this scam, we have told this true story to the Maryland Gazette, Baltimore Sun and WJZ as well as others and none will do a real story about their dishonest state which is the real story.

The news can no longer be trusted to tell the truth.